• Kiran Menon

The problem of too many apps

We have all been there. Too many apps and systems to get our work done. Not even excel - just to get the basics done. And, there's further bad news - with the proliferation of SaaS (Software as a Service) products every day - there is more complexity coming our way.

However, when you stop to think, you realize that each one of these apps do their niche process or service really well - and that's why you would rather have 15 apps to log in to than one monster trying to do everything at sub par.

When we think of those monster apps - we think of many of the "system of records" we have in our workplace - HMRS, CMS, ERP, Finance & Accounting, SCM and so on and so forth.

However, an ERP will never deliver the best supplier onboarding experience - even though, it's a part of the larger process. Or an HRMS will never provide the best Employee Onboarding experience.

This is where we can find niche apps coming to play a leadership role in that specific area - and really elevate the Employee Experience of the company.

However, this results in the need for further consolidation - consolidation of interface. Where an employee can go to one place that routes them based on processes or automations.

Does this make sense? Do we need an app that connects all the apps and processes in the workplace - and brings it in one intelligent interface?

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