• Kiran Menon

The Employee Onboarding Checklist

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

I have been asked about The Best Employee Onboarding Checklist that assures a great process. The short answer is that there is no single best checklist - onboarding is bringing together people, processes and systems in your organization to ensure the best experience for every new hire. Every organization is different and therefore, every organization's onboarding process should be moulded to their culture.

However, I have tried to put together some of the most important considerations for an awesome Employee Onboarding experience.

  1. Onboarding should start before Day 1

  2. Automate & digitize all that was traditionally paper driven

  3. Create a journey where the new hire is introduced to the company in little bits - over a period of time

  4. Do not send the new hire to a portal and expect them to find what could be useful to them

  5. In the onboarding journey, make sure you have charted pathways for the hiring manager, the recruiter (till Day 1), the HR Partner and other roles involved

  6. Send a message from the manager on the day before the start date - with information on where to come and what to expect on Day 1

  7. Even if you use systems to automate the new hire experience, make sure there is a 100% personalized experience for each individual

  8. Do not try to teach the new hire everything about the organization in her first month

  9. Make sure you summarize some of the most important points and then give her the reference to where she can find more material

  10. Use data to personalize the experience - location they are joining, department, role, level, gender and other such data

In my experience, these are some of the most important points to consider when thinking about adding value to your onboarding experience.

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