• Kiran Menon

Why has Employee Onboarding been ignored thus far?

As the co-founder and CEO of Tydy, I have been in the midst of Employee Onboarding for a few years now. I have had conversations with global heads of organizations large and small - and often found myself educating them on the importance of Employee Onboarding.

However, in my head - this should be some thing every single organization focuses on from Day 1. After all, it's about getting an employee up to speed and productive in the shortest time possible. So, I kept asking myself to find the answer to - why is Employee Onboarding such an ignored process?

I would not say I have found the perfect answer - but I think that I have started appreciating why it's been ignored thus far.

Onboarding is seen as an operational process

Onboarding, traditionally, has been seen as an operational function. Make sure the new hire uploads his/her documents and files. Make sure they have filled out their forms and send IT and Facilities the requests to get laptops, desks, key cards and other such things ready for Day 1.

However, onboarding is about getting the new hire up-to-speed and productive in the shortest time possible. While all of the above points are important - it does not end there.

Onboarding is completed through classroom sessions in week 1

Get in to the office on Day 1 - and realize that you have been pushed in to classroom sessions where a number of people walk in - spew something about their work and leave. We have all been there.

Onboarding is not just about induction sessions. Onboarding is about giving the new hire enough information to understand the business, the people and most importantly their role in the organization. This cannot be done in one day and it cannot be done through just classroom sessions.

Now, when you think of how Onboarding has been viewed traditionally, you start appreciating why it's been ignored thus far. However, with the competition for talent heating up and showing no signs of slowing down - Employee Onboarding holds the key to a productive and retained workforce.

Through this community, we will seek the answers on how to improve the process, how to personalize it, and how to build the best Employee Onboarding Experience for your organization.

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