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Tydy presents the first-ever digital onboarding summit that features prominent speakers talking about the business value of Onboarding Automation and it's impact on Employee Experience. 

Welcome to the first ever Digital Onboarding Summit. At Tydy, our focus is to build a community of leaders who are thinking about the Employee Experience and the role that Onboarding plays in driving business value.

I hope this virtual summit gives you insights in to how leaders from some of the largest global brands think about onboarding strategically and its impact to business. 

Kiran Menon, 

CEO & Co-Founder



Kiran introduces the Employee Experience Economy we are in & welcomes you to the summit. 

Session 1 

Sacha talks about the importance of sharing context, building in-person relationships and creating a video-first culture as key factors when onboarding virtual teams.

Session 2

Watch Sandeep talk about the strategic importance of Onboarding in reducing first-year attrition at Unilever and the metrics used to monitor results

Session 3

Michele's experience has taught her that the impact of listening to the voice of employees has positive business results. Watch her discuss it in this session 

Session 4

Rahul talks about the importance of Onboarding and what to think about when you are going through a consolidation event, M&A or Build-Operate-Transfer event. 

Session 5

Heidi shares her experience in scaling company culture by designing thoughtful employee onboarding programs using Design Thinking and Prototyping to ensure success

Session 6

In this session, Rakesh talks about Onboarding at scale - hiring 1000s of new hires in multiple locations and the complexities that automation can solve

Session 7

Kazuho believes that 'our differences are what make us better' and as companies prepare for an era of automation, embracing diversity will become the secret sauce of survival.

Session 8

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We want to thank our amazing speakers, Rahul Gurjar, Sacha Connor, Sandeep AbrahamMichele Olton, Rakesh Kumar, Kazuho Ozawa and Heidi Kuhn for sharing their valuable insights with us.

If you would like to recommend your colleagues or friends as speakers for future events - reach out to us at dos(at)tydy.it.

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